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11 Top Tips when Moving Home

tips when moving home

It’s hard work moving homes. I’ve done it a lot too. Across the street, around the corner, across cities, across countries and abroad. I love the excitement of living in a new space. The interior design ideas that I get keep me up at night as I’m so excited to implement them in my new space. I know this to be true of others too, but…

When we move home there is so much we want to do to the space before we move in. But we don’t always take the time to plan and think about the implications of what we’re doing.

All too often the builders and contractors are sent in to implement design ideas and then halfway through the job you change your mind. “I want a shower there or maybe we need underfloor heating, is that what that paint colour looks like during the day?” The list goes on.

I’m often talking to clients and prospective clients who are in the process of moving home or having just moved home. It’s a highly charged and emotional time for some people. So to help you out I’ve shared some tips to think about when moving home.

11 Top Tips When Moving Home

  1. Draw a plan of your new home
    Place the furniture on the plan so that you can see what will go where. Do you have too much furniture for the new home or do you need to buy more? You will only know this by doing a layout plan. I know that I talk about drawing out plans on almost every project, but it really works – trust me!
  2. Buy lots of paint sample pots
    Paint a square meter on all four walls of the room. Visit the room during the day and in the evening. Some colours look very different during the day or night.
  3. Think about who is using each room and how often
    If you are installing new flooring, whether it be wood, tile, concrete or carpeting. Think about who will be using the room (children and pets?) and how often the room will be used. If you’re expecting heavy usage then I’d suggest flooring that is hard wearing. Yes it’s an obvious tip but sometimes you might be swayed by that luxury thick pile carpet, but it’s not practical for your hallway!
  4. Ensure that the plumbing is fit for purpose
    Get a plumber in to check out the plumbing before you move in. It’s very disruptive if you need something fixed while you’re in the space. So check it out before you move in.
  5. The same for the electrics
    Get an electrician to do a full check of all the electrics before you move in. Yes I do know that this is often part of the process of the sale but sometimes it’s not acted upon. Ensure you have piece of mind with both your plumbing and electrics.
  6. Budget for delays
    If you want to make any structural changes ensure that you have budgeted for extra time. Most projects over run and often it’s because lots of contractors and builders all working on 1 project is a nightmare.
  7. Check the brackets on the shelving and cabinetry and the door hinges on cupboards and closets
    The last thing you want when you are unpacking your boxes (or when I’m unpacking your boxes and styling your home) is for the shelves to collapse.
  8. Check the boiler and learn how it works
    If you live in colder climes, get the heating checked and test it yourself. Learn how to use it and create a guide for other family members so that everyone understands how to use it correctly.
  9. Clean everything!
    Wipe out the cupboards, wipe down the wall, steam clean the carpets, steam clean bathrooms and kitchen, get the windows cleaned. It’s best to contact a cleaning company to come in and do this professionally for you.
  10. On the day you move in
    Place the boxes for each room into the correct room. This really does speed things up for you when you’re unpacking. Correctly labelled boxes will help too.
  11. Fill your home with the things that will make it feel special
    Last but not least, when you’re done, go to the florist (or order a flower subscription from Bloom & Wild) and buy yourself lots of fresh flowers and place them in your living areas. Nothing makes a house feel more like home than fresh flowers.

And if you’re reading this and have just moved to a new home or are in the process of moving please feel free to share pictures of your new home with us.

My interior styling service is perfect for you if you have just moved home, I can help you set up home and ensure that it is styled and ready to be shown off to your friends and family. Find out more about my interior styling service.

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