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119 Ebury Street; the UK’s most sustainable Period rental properties

119 Ebury Street

A few weeks ago Grosvenor invited me to see their newest project at 119 Ebury Street. It’s a new development where they took an old hotel and turned it back into residential space. But this is not just any residential space, for now, it’s the UK’s most sustainable Period rental property.

This development is the first listed residential building in the UK to , a globally recognised benchmark for sustainability.

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland (Grosvenor) has completed a ground breaking transformation of a Grade II listed building in Belgravia, Central London, creating three market leading sustainable rental apartments and setting a new environmental standard for the industry.

119 Ebury Street

The back of the property.

This property used to be a 4,200 sq ft hotel spanning over 5 floors. It was selected by Grosvenor in collaboration with Westminster City Council and Historic England, to investigate the extent to which listed, heritage buildings can be made more environmentally sustainable. Its performance will be monitored and compared with a neighbouring property enabling the team to accurately gauge the success of the project.

119 Ebury Street proves it is possible to bring 21st century technology into heritage buildings, creating a better environment for living whilst retaining their character and charm. Will Bax, Director of Placemaking, London estate, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland.

David Morley Architects reconfigured the space into 3 new duplex apartments, so the development totals 6 floors with the addition of a loft space at the top. The apartments have better insulation, sound proofing and a very interesting air filtering system throughout the space.

119 Ebury Street

The open plan kitchen and dining room

The team from Grosvenor explained to me in such detail at the way in which the original period features have been preserved. The space feels new and modern, but the original features give the space a unique character.

119 Ebury Street

The master suite

The fabulous interior design firm th2designs have styled the property. They used recycled materials, and British sourced furniture and decor. I found a blog post on th2’s website that explains their botanical inspiration for the styling and their moodboards too, it’s well worth a read.

They chose 3 herbs as the name for each colour palette, one for each apartment, Rosemary, Lavender and Mint. As you move through each apartment, it’s clear how all 3 apartments are linked by style as well as all having a focus on being eco and green.

The properties are being let by Grosvenor.


David Morley Architects

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