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5 Gifts that I’m giving this Christmas

Looking at my list of gifts that I’ve bought this year, it’s quite eclectic, but that just reminds me that the people who are around me are a fabulously edited bunch of the most interesting sort. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Obviously, I’ve bought more than 5 gifts, but these are my favourite 5. I find gift shopping awfully difficult as I often land up buying gifts for people that I wouldn’t mind receiving and occasionally I buy 2, one for them and one for me. And sometimes I buy gifts that I’m not quite sure who it will be going to, but it’s so fabulous, I just know that someone in my circle of friends would benefit from its magic. In essence, I’m good at buying gifts, just not matching them to the right owners.

Smythson Leather Panama Notebook

This range of notebooks from Smythson are real saviours when it comes to gifts. With a range of embossed sayings on the front of these leather covered notebooks and you will find something that perfectly inspires your intended recipient. They are handcrafted here in the UK, and small enough to fit into a pocket or a handbag which make them very useful. It’s my favourite gift to send my clients.

Available at Smythson.

Blue Origami Bowl by San Miguel Recycled Glass

The person that is receiving this bowl is slightly disorganised, whenever I visit him, I land up organising the bits and pieces on his hallway table. I’ve learned that you can’t change people’s behaviour, so by gifting this fabulous bowl, he now has a receptacle to drop his bits and pieces into. Making us both happier.

This fabulous asymmetrical bowl is designed and made in Spain using recycled glass. The San Miguel Recycled Glass company was established in 1985 and has 25,000 different shapes, colours and sizes. Each piece is unique due to the nature of the crafting process.

Available at Liberty.  

Agate Cheese Knives & Serving Set

What do you give to somebody who is obsessed with entertaining and has everything? In my opinion, something a little out there and a little flashy. These lovely agate cheese knives and serving set feel a little bohemian, but glammed up with the gold detail on the side of the agate and are brass plated. It’s a bit of a pain that I don’t think they are dishwasher safe, but they are a great gift.

I recommend buying both the cheese knives and serving set so that the host is able to use both at a dinner party.

Available at Anthropologie.

Azem William Plates

So, let’s talk about this new designer, his range of plates is creating quite a stir at the moment. These achingly trendy and very striking hand carved plates make such a statement when hung on a wall, face to face, or I’d probably use them as a serving platter on a dinner table. There’s a strong Roman feeling to them, but also something very modern and ‘East-end’ about them too. Perfect for those of us living in conservative South West London who sometimes want to feel a bit trendy, but going East is a bit too much, so these amazing plates fill the gap. I’d love them all, but they are going to a fellow South West Londoner.

Available at Liberty.

Limited Edition Art Prints

Giving someone a piece of art as a gift is very tricky, so instead of choosing an artwork for someone, why not steer them in the right direction so that the art they do buy is a good piece of art. This is where limited edition prints come into the picture, they are very affordable and often hold their value over time. I think that Limited by Saatchi Art is a very good source of prints. They make it very easy to buy from them and most prints you’re able to frame too, so it arrives ready to hang.

Composition No. 11 by Susan Washington (left) and Goito by Robert von Bangert (right).

Limited Edition Art Prints at Limited by Saatchi Art

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