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9 of the best Berber style rugs

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We’ve seen Berber style rugs in the home decor magazines and home design shops for probably about a decade now. They first became popular with the Bohemian or Boho look that stormed the interior design trend lists all those years ago. But these rugs have become a staple in their own right and lasted way beyond a trend, which is why I’ve dedicated this blog post to them.

Berber rugs or Beni Ouarain as they are known traditionally in Morocco are the perfect way to warm up a room and add a lot of texture and comfort. The rugs are traditionally quite colourful, but the rich buttery natural tones or monochrome designs seem to appeal most to the home decor enthusiasts. The look of these rugs instantly make a space feel relaxed and homely. The buttery neutral colours work really well if you’ve got a lot of natural materials in your space, especially perfect with blonde woods or whitewashed floors.

A traditional Beni Ouarain rug is hand made, from shearing the wool, to washing, dyeing, spinning and weaving. The whole process can take months to produce a rug. This is an ancient craft and one of the reasons why I’ve been looking into rug design over the last few months.

Investing in one of these rugs is pretty challenging if you’re not in Morocco to actually have a look at the rugs which is why I recommend getting something from a local retailer that you’re able to send back if you need to instead of ordering direct from Morocco, unless you know exactly what you are doing.

The only thing left to do now is to decide how big you want the rug. I’d always recommend that a rug sits at least halfway under your sofa and a good few feet on either side of it. I think I’ll have to publish another post on how big a rug to buy.

These rugs aren’t cheap either, but below I have a selected 9 very stylish Berber style rugs for you to choose from. The patterns and sizes range dramatically, so do take your time to explore to find the perfect berber for your space. And if you do get one, send in a photograph of it, I’d love to see it.