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Adding a touch of luxury to your tabletop

Special pieces for the table have always been a staple in my home. From my early 20’s when I used to have legendary dinner parties in my Cape Town home, I always thought about what was on my table and how it was served. I used to splash out and buy the best I could afford and to this day, I still do the same.

I met Gemma Martinez de Ana last year and I fell in love with her niche shop – Bonadea. With a focus on luxury tableware and objet d’art that Gemma beautifully curates from artisans around Europe. It’s an online destination shop, kind of like those special little boutiques you find hidden in London and Paris.

Gemma was very kind to send me a vase from Fos Ceramiche, one of the artisans that Bonadea stocks. Fos Ceramiche is a 30 year old Italian atelier and their work is inspired by shapes and textures from nature. In particular – and having grown up near the beach – I was very attracted to the Anthozoa Seaweed vase.

I’ve seen Gemma at work with a few interior designers that I introduced her to and the real magic is when you let Gemma help you curate a collection that works for you. Gemma selects options from over 150 brands and artisans, weaving together unique collections for each of her clients.

Welcoming family or friends and sharing an enjoyable moment, creating a wonderful memory around an effortlessly refined table is key to our philosophy. The table and the objects we choose for our homes is a reflection of who we are.

When you start out collecting special pieces for your tableware collection, it’s good to start off with a tea set. These are so versatile and you’ll be using them a lot more than a formal dinnerware set. These pieces from Legle are stunning and you can start off with a small set and grow it over time.   

Or maybe you’re just looking to add a few gold accents to your table, then you need to check out L’Objet, with their large collections you’ll absolutely find something. I quite like the idea of keeping plain white tableware and introducing gold through the cutlery, the set below is quite unusual and against a white tablescape would look incredible.

Bonadea represents some of the most renowned lifestyle and tabletop brands and artisans, from the likes of Augarten Wien 1718, J.L Coquet, Christofle, L’Objet and Marie Daâge. To find out more visit their website Bonadea.

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