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Are you looking to reach a targeted audience of like-minded luxury design professionals? Look no further than our newsletter advertising service. 

Sent out twice a month to a highly engaged audience of UK-based interior designers, architects, and other industry professionals. And with our 3 line text-based ad format, it’s the perfect opportunity for businesses like yours to increase brand awareness and drive website traffic.

Target Audience

As a trade supplier, it’s important to reach an audience that shares your values and aesthetics. Our newsletter is specifically tailored to UK-based professionals who are passionate about high-end design and luxury products. By advertising with us, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a highly engaged audience of potential clients, collaborators, and industry influencers.

Ad Format

Our newsletter ad format is simple, yet effective. Each ad consists of 3 lines of text, with a maximum of 50 words in total, with the first two lines dedicated to a brief description of your business and the third line reserved for a call-to-action and link. This format allows you to succinctly convey your message while also providing an easy way for our readers to learn more about your business and connect with you.

Benefits of Advertising with Us

Our newsletter has a highly engaged audience of UK-based interior design professionals. By advertising with us, you’ll have the opportunity to reach this targeted audience, increase brand awareness, and drive website traffic. Plus, our newsletter is sent out twice a month, providing a consistent and reliable way to stay top of mind with potential clients and collaborators.

How to Advertise

Booking your space in our newsletter is easy.

Simply send us an email to find out more and book your space. We offer competitive pricing and are always happy to work with businesses to create customised advertising packages that meet their specific needs.