An instant style update for Christmas with John Lewis

8th December 2015
Christmas Style Update - John Lewis

Christmas is approaching fast and furiously, we’re all out shopping and preparing for the big day. I thought it would be a good idea to select a few items that would help you get an instant festive style update for Christmas.

We all have parties over the next few weeks and wouldn’t it be great if we could make our home feel a festive and the perfect party venue for your guests.

I want to create a Winter Wonderland ‘look’ this year, so picked out a few items that will help you achieve a fun and festive winter look.

Spirit Duke Grand Sofa in Sloane Velvet White Gold, £3,799. This classic chesterfield sofa in luxurious velvet is a great piece for entertaining. It’s also perfect for when the guests have gone, you can collapse in a heap onto it and snuggle up with the faux fur throw.

Helene Berman Frost Faux Fur Throw, Silver / White, £350. A few faux fur throws scattered around the living room not only add texture and a subltle ‘luxe’ factor, they are also very practical. Once you’ve snuggled up with one of these, you’ll not want anything else.

Your cushions should be changed up regularly, I suggest 4 times a year. It’s an affordable way to freshen things up and add a bit of fun and colour when you want.

John Lewis Faux Fur Cushion, Grey, £20. I’ve gone for faux fur again, and again, because it’s warm and tactile, and a little more affordable if you want the throw but don’t want to splurge.

John Lewis Robin Cushion, £15. This bright red robin cushion is a fun way to add a dash of festive red to your space while keeping the wintery feel.

John Lewis Stag Head Cushion, £20. This rural chic stag cushion has the right wintery tones of browns and white, and goes well with the sofa, throw and faux fur cushion.

Make Your Own Christmas Table Decorations

If you’re hosting and you are going to have a children around, what about keeping them busy with these little sets of Make Your Own Christmas Decorations, £1.75 – £5.50. And they will be able to make a candle ring, a centrepiece or make Christmas wreath inspired napkin rings for each g

wedgwood christmas decoration 1wedgwood christmas decorationChristmas is about giving and I like my guests to leave with something a little special, I found the perfect little gift, Wedgwood Christmas decorations as thank you gifts for attending your party.


Posted in partnership with John Lewis.

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