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Applying Strategic Marketing Principles to Social Technologies, With Michelle Carvill of Carvill Creative

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Today on the podcast we have social media specialist, Michelle Carvill. Michelle is the author of The Business of Being Social and her most recently published, Get Social. She is also the founder of Carvill Creative, a marketing and web design agency, which started 15 years ago.

Her company is grounded in traditional marketing and design principles, yet also specializes in working with digital and social media technologies. Inside this episode, Michelle helps us to uncover some truths about social media, why it is crucial for leadership to be on board with social networks, and how to maximize the value of being the face of your business.

We also dive into Michelle’s Smart Social Focus Model and learn techniques for applying it to your own business by listening, analysing, engaging, and continuously measuring. Michelle is an absolute social media aficionado, so you do not want to miss out on this episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

What Michelle does in her business and how she helps her clients.

  • Why it is critical for social media marketing to be understood at the leadership level.
  • Understanding the term “fake social”: growing big vanity empires.
  • Escaping the numbers game and creating valuable connections instead.
  • How to bring your marketing back to the basics.
  • The biggest challenges that leadership faces with social media marketing.
  • Why consumers are more interested in hearing from top leadership of brands.
  • The importance of being the face of your brand in today’s market.
  • Biggest value for leaders to be socially connected with their audience.
  • Understanding the human need to be heard and how that impacts your business.
  • Learning to drive your own conversations to control your message.
  • Finding the “digital balance” in your marketing budget.
  • Michelle’s Smart Social Focus Model: Plan, Listen, Analyse, Engage, and Measure.
  • Understanding what it means to be objectively driven.
  • How Michelle injects her personal values into her work.
  • Where Michelle gets her best ideas and inspiration from.
  • The biggest challenge Michelle faced in growing her business.
  • What to look forward to from Michelle and Carvill Creative this year.
  • A book that shaped Michelle, who everyone should follow, Michelle’s life song title, and more!


  • “Social media will only go so far within an organization, unless the leaders get it.” — @michellecarvill [0:02:01.1]
  • “Social is way more than just about getting followers, and way more than just having a big presence.” — @michellecarvill [0:03:16.1]
  • “Our values for how we consume and what we think about brands and how we live our lives are aligned with those values that we see around us.” — @michellecarvill [0:10:25.1]
  • “It doesn’t matter how brilliant your service is, it doesn’t matter how amazing your brand is, if you do not have anybody consuming, you don’t have a business.” — @michellecarvill [0:14:24.1]
  • “Looking after myself and doing business on my terms really matters to my work-life balance.” — @michellecarvill [0:38:44.1]

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