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Ardmore Savuti Dance Exhibition

Ardmore is a South African ceramic art studio based in the rural Natal Midlands. They create exquisite, detailed, handmade ceramics and have been doing so for over 30 years. Their recent collaboration with Cole & Son has catapulted them into every day conversation in the design sector.

Their pieces are collectors items, with a very strong following of collectors around the globe, some even constructing private museums for their collections. Some pieces have been auctioned by Christies. No two pieces are alike and no moulds are used, each piece is hand sculptured and hand painted by a team of talented community artists.

Ardmore have created a lifestyle brand, Ardmore Design (previously Halsted Design), whicch takes inspiration from the ceramics and created a range of fabrics, cushions, handbags, furniture items and more.

They have recently launched the new Zambezi Collection, which is full of daring colours, whimsical designs, playful patterns and gorgeous fabrics such as velvets and silks. Sophisticated, sexy and truly African – the perfect way to introduce the Ardmore look into our internationally styled homes.

You would have heard the name Ardmore a lot recently as they were the inspiration behind Cole & Son’s latest wallpaper collection, the Ardmore Collection.

Every year Ardmore holds an annual exhibition at Patrick Mavros in which their ceramics take over the entire shop and everyone gets a chance to see and buy their unique artworks.

This year the exhibition is called the Savuti Dance and they will showcase artworks that inspired the wallpapers as well as many other inspiring items full of the Ardmore charm and playfulness their collectors have come to know and love. The pieces range from small items such a trinket dishes and teacups, right up to massive urns that will command an entire room.

Last night I attended the opening night and it was a great success, it was wonderful to see all the Ardmore collections and products together from the ceramics, to the fabrics and cushions and the wallpapers and too see how it is all tied so perfectly together.

Their new Ardmore Design Zambezi Sofa was on display too, this is a limited edition of 40 and available for £4oo0.00, I expect they will sell out in no time. The last time they created a limited edition sofa the Qalakabusha sofa, it sold out very quickly and Kit Kemp ordered two for the Ham Yard Hotel bowling alley!

The Savuti Dance exhibition is open to the public from 18th – 28th May at Patrick Mavros, 104-106 Fulham Road, SW3 6HS.

Do pop along to the exhibition to explore this fabulously brave and bold brand.

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