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Art Dubai: Reframe Saudi Preview

reframe saudi

reframe saudi

art dubai

Hands down this was my favourite experience at Dubai Art Week. Reframe Saudi is a product of the collaboration between Art Dubai and the Misk Art Institute which is a cultural organisation with aims to establish Saudi Arabia’s leading platform for grassroots cultural production, diplomacy and exchange.

Reframe Saudi is a virtual reality experience that uncovers aspects of Saudi Arabia. The documentary’s director has ensured that your experience is very immersive and it changes from that of an observer to participant and voyeur as you move through the film. Each change connects you more to the characters and to experience it fully, you need to turn your body and neck from side to side and up and down to explore the incredible art studios, scenes, from cityscape to desert. It’s a really moving look at how the cultural narratives are developing and shaping in Saudi Arabia, a fascinating insight into this closed world.

Directed by Matteo Lonardi and produced by CULTURUNNERS, the regional preview of Reframe Saudi at Art Dubai pre-empts the international launch of the final film at the World VRForum in June 2018.

Reframe Saudi

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