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Art House Cape Town 2019

A celebration of Art, Design and Property

A few years ago while on a short break to Cape Town, I was introduced to Sue Bond by Richard Hardie, the CEO of Knight Frank. I’d asked Richard to show me some impressive properties in Cape Town, one of these homes belonged to Sue. 

Sue is an interior designer, runs her own design firm and is an avid art collector. I’d been researching South African art for a few years already, but Sue opened my eyes to some of the most incredible artists. Over the years, Sue and I have travelled to Dubai, Paris and London looking at art and design and having very opinionated discussions on it all too!

I think it was a dinner after my trip to India where I suggested, “Why don’t we have a little party in your home in Cape Town to celebrate your art collection, but more importantly to show HOW you live with all your art?”. Some of you who know me will know that I don’t really do things by small measure and neither does Sue. So this little party became THE EVENT to be at in Cape Town at the start of their summer season. Perhaps we kicked off the season? I’d like to think so. 

One of the unique elements about Sues design is the integration of art and design. Layer upon layer of art in all types of mediums. The Picasso sits above a contemporary South African artist in a random place in the kitchen. There’s art above the cooker, art on the coffee tables, bookshelves, in the lift, bathrooms and of course, the walls are strategically covered in art. 

Sue has clearly taken inspiration from the grand old houses in England who cover their walls with art, but this approach is fresh. The art doesn’t overwhelm, it draws you through her home, inviting you to experience her actual work, the DESIGN!

You only have to look at Sues instagram to see that comfort is key to her work. Seeing her home host 100 people for Art House was fascinating. The house performed, opened its arms and welcomed everyone. 

Copyright Johan Wilke Photography

Our guests were a mix of artists, collectors, property investors, auctioneers, fine art galleries, business people and designers. Our aim was to bring together the worlds of Art, Design and Property and help people understand that these 3 disciplines aren’t as separate as you’d imagine. 

I hosted a discussion with my Interior Style Hunter hat on about Art, Design and Property investment with Sue Bond, Richard Hardie (CEO of Knight Frank) and Mica Curitz (who runs a Cape Town based art consultancy). 

It was a wonderful evening, 20 of South Africa’s top artists attended. One of which, Elize Bezuidenhout, would go on to win one of South Africa’s most coveted art awards the following week. 

Having all these artists at the event was a real treat and something that I won’t forget in a long time. It was simply a perfect evening in a perfect home surrounded by inspiring and important South African art. 

I can’t wait to do it again!

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