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Bang & Olufsen; Intelligent sound solutions for intelligent interior designers

10th November 2016
bang & olufsen

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Concepts and elements of design fascinate me. With every interview, article, speaking engagement and working with interior designers and brands, I learn more about design. It puts me in a unique position as I watch design evolve from many different aspects and points of view. The designers that I’m really enjoying at the moment are designers who focus on more than just the look of a space, they think about all the senses and how creating a space that has an effect on a multitude of  senses creates a unique experience.

Intelligent interior designers know that to create an effective space for humans it’s almost always about more than just the visual appeal of a space. While a beautifully styled space may look good in a magazine, when you’re designing a space that’s going to be lived in then you need to consider more than just sight.

Incorporating sight, texture, smell and sound or in this case technology that will enhance the sounds our devices make in a space is key.

Bang & Olufsen recently asked me to work with them to explore this topic. Thinking about how we incorporate technology into our home. It’s fascinating to look at the new products that are available to us today. As technology develops it both fades away into the fabric of our homes and the result of that better technology becomes more present in our lives.  Think about speakers that are seamlessly built into our space, you can’t see them but they enhance your experience of listening to music through the best quality speakers.

Bang & Olufsen have recently started working with Paul Cocksedge to help explore and present three new products that fit perfectly into our modern homes.

Making products that are portable and can be moved from room to room simply when you want to. Or even from home to home as you move around the globe. This is intelligent design, but not only visual design, it’s designed to reflect who we are and how we live our lives. Fitting seamlessly into the different homes and spaces we have.

bang & olufsen

I love the flexibility of the Bang & Olufsen Horizon TV, it’s portable so you can easily move it from room to room, but it also includes a two drive units, so there’s no need for extra speakers. It’s a convenient audio visual solution in one, and wouldn’t it just work great in one of those enormous lateral apartments where it could be moved about as needed?

bang & olufsen

The portability of the BeoSound1 is something I saw first hand in the VIP room at the LuxuryMade show earlier this year. It’s a powerful music system that you can just pick up and drop wherever you move to, indoors or outdoors, it moves with you.

Bang & Olufsen really do have some intelligent solutions for intelligent designers.

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