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Book Review & Instagram Giveaway: Studio by Sally Coulthard

Last weekend I spent hours with my nose firmly in Sally Coulthard’s latest book Studio. For those of you not familiar with Sally, she is an interior designer, garden designer and has written countless beautiful books on interior design, gardening and more. Her books belong on the most beautiful side tables and coffee tables around the world.

Studio showcases the most extraordinary workspaces of creatives around the world and inspires the reader to create their own beautiful workspace no matter what their craft is. The imagery in Studio is second to none, as always with Sally’s books, just have a look. Some of the spaces that are showcased are truly wild, but always inspiring. And since reading this book I’m completely inspired to curate the Interior Style Hunter HQ into something that is worthy of a page in this book.

What I loved about the book is the huge variation of spaces, from co-working spaces, tiny little office ‘nooks’, home offices and expansive art studios that the reader gets to peak inside of. There is inspiration here no matter what your profession and no matter what type of workspace you have or need.

As well as a feast for the eyes, Studio is also filled with practical advice on how to get the best from your space and what works well for optimum productivity, such as tips on storage needs, getting organised, lighting, desks and more. As well as pages which breakdown the ‘look’ you may want to create such as a monochrome space, collected space or industrial space.

The overall take out was that a workspace should be inspiring and a space that reflects you and what you do and the space should take time to curate and to collect the right pieces. Watch this space for the new inspired Interior Style Hunter studio.

The book is published by Jacqui Small and is available on Amazon for £16.99 but I’m pleased to announce i’m going to be giving away two copies to my readers.

To enter please make sure you are following me on Instagram and tag two people in the comments of this post, you can enter as many times as you want. The winner will be announced on Monday evening. Good luck!

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