Bringing the outside in with Westbury Garden Rooms

Bringing the outside in with Westbury Garden Rooms

Westbury Garden Rooms - Interior Style Hunter

To warm up this cold start to 2019, we were approached to discuss creating seamless garden rooms that allow enjoyment of the outdoors all year round. Glazed extensions are becoming increasing popular and with the UK’s questionable weather, it’s easy to see why!

Westbury Garden Rooms design, plan, manufacture and build beautiful bespoke glazed and timber rooms; including orangeries, conservatories, garden rooms, kitchen extensions and pool houses. It is a family run business, with a large state-of-the-art workshop where a team of joiners craft their rooms using modern technologies and traditional techniques. Their service prides itself on being personal and diligent. Everything is undertaken in-house and the end result is a timeless extension that you can use all through the year.

Westbury Garden Rooms - Interior Style Hunter

There are three main types of popular glazed extensions in the UK, garden room extensions, orangeries and conservatories – all of which create extra space and flood a home with natural sunlight.

Due to their glazed roof, traditional conservatories often overheat in the summer while feeling cooler in the winter, therefore they are not particularly suited to our weather conditions! This combined with the need for sustainability has led to huge growth in the number of wood or timber garden room extensions and orangeries being built. Automatic ventilation, window sensors and underfloor heating mean that these spaces can perform better than the home they’re attached to.

Westbury Garden Rooms - Interior Style Hunter

A well-designed orangery is a striking and modern addition to any property, built with semi-glazed walls with a roof lantern built on top of a flat roof. This design allows natural light to flood the open space without exposure to a lot of direct sunlight and heat.

A garden room extension is similar to an orangery, but it has a fully tiled roof – allowing you to have complete control over the temperature. Garden rooms usually have large, dramatic glazed gables which flood the rooms with natural light and make a real statement.

Westbury Garden Rooms - Interior Style Hunter

Those who have invested in a glazed extension often feel they’ve gained so much more than just a new room, as they feel more at one with their garden and surrounding outdoor space. It’s a given that most people enjoy their garden in the summer but a few tweaks here and there with thoughtful planting and lighting can mean the garden can be enjoyed all year round – even when snow and frost makes an appearance. Cosy additions to the inside space, such as a wood burning stove or more modern fireplace, make an extension a really delightful place to spend a cold winter’s day.

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