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Building a Digital Brand by Embracing Colour, With Emily Murray of Pink House Living

Emily Murray Pink House Living

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Welcome to another episode of Interior Style Hunter. On the podcast today we welcome branding powerhouse, Emily Murray, founder and editor of The Pink House. Emily is mum to two bonkers little boys, wife to the long-suffering Pink House Husband, and she recently moved from Edinburgh back to London, where she lives in an Edwardian house with a pink front door. For her success, Emily has won three awards and has been featured in the top UK. With such dedication to building a brand in a very short time, I simply had to ask Emily to join me on the show to talk about it in more detail. In today’s episode, Emily shares how “pink” found her, the lightbulb moment that lead to her starting a business, and how she helps people reconnect with themselves through their home. Stay tuned for all this and more inside today’s episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why pink? How “pink” chose Emily rather than the other way around.
  • Emily’s lightbulb moment and how planned her brand journey.
  • The way that Emily used words, blogging, and social media to build her brand.
  • How Emily changed the use of Instagram for her brand over time.
  • What it means to invest in your brand by finding the gaps in your skillset.
  • The challenges of taking a digital brand into the real world.
  • Why monetization created a dip in productivity for Emily.
  • Understanding that your readers are more important than the brands you work for.
  • Getting to the position where you only work with brands that fits your content.
  • The values of The Pink House brand and how it shows up in what Emily does.
  • What the phrase “fabulous family living — despite the kids” means to Emily.
  • Where Emily gets her best ideas and inspiration; drawing from fashion.
  • The biggest challenge Emily faces to growing her business.
  • Game-changing business advice Emily received that propelled her business.
  • What to look forward to from Emily and The Pink House this year.
  • A book that shaped Emily, who everyone should follow, her life’s song title, and more!


“Every year I’m alive I just love pink even more!” — @pinkhousechats [0:01:34.1]

“I knew I needed to get back into the editor mindset, because the editor mindset is the best mindset.” — @pinkhousechats [0:18:46.1]

“I’m sort of like the person that’s championing the fact that anybody can do it.” — @pinkhousechats [0:20:16.1]

“When people embrace colour and start to have more confidence in using it in their home, it makes them happier.” — @pinkhousechats [0:20:42.9]

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