Business Strategy Service

If you are looking to grow your design business, then you need to have a strategy in place that is tailor-made for you and your business. I’ve seen so many design businesses that just jump from project to project or product to product with no strategy or planning behind their growth. With a strategic plan behind you, you can reduce risk and ensure that your business achieves stable growth over a period of time.

We will work through the following process to create a bespoke business strategy that works for you and your business.

Step 1:

An initial intensive deep dive covering the following:

  • Identifying your personal and business goals
  • A comprehensive checklist to identify any immediate issues that need to be resolved and to ensure that you’re able to deliver your services profitably and productively.

Step 2:

We will do a marketing audit to identify:

  • Who your target clients are/should be.
  • Does your current branding/website/communications appeal to that audience?
  • Create unique and engaging ways to connect to your target leads.
  • Focus on after-sales services, how can you keep on selling additional services to your clients?

Step 3:

Together with all the information we have about your business, we will build a practical and achievable plan that takes into account the resources that you have and the timeframe that you want to start seeing results. This includes ways in which to implement this plan and how to check the progress along the way. It’s at this point that we will leave you to get on with driving your business forward, and you will have email access to us for the next month after this step.

Step 4:

About a month after we leave you in step 3, we will catch up and see how things are going. It’s at this point where we will start seeing tangible results from the actions above.

More information

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