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Camerich – Customisable sofas to suit your space

24th February 2016
Camerich Sofa

Camerich Sofa

Camerich Sofa

Having launched in the UK in 2010, Camerich has very quickly established a firm presence in London. With 8 showrooms in the Capital, they are committed to bringing their ethos of “purity of form and high standards of finish, the beauty of simplicity combined with materials that are made to last” to us Londoners.

In the average home, we spend more on our living room sofas than any other furniture in our homes. This also means that we expect our sofa to last longer than other pieces of furniture. There are two immediate challenges with buying sofas. A sofa is a piece of furniture that is used a lot in our homes. If you have children, then even it’s even more important to find a sofa that is well made. Secondly, as we are expecting a sofa to last a long time, we need to think about the look and style of the sofa to ensure that it’s not going to date quickly. Buying a sofa is a difficult task.

Camerich solve this problem with their modern sofas that are highly adaptable and customisable. What this actually means for you is that when you visit one of their showrooms you can go through a design process with one of the Camerich staff. Starting with a consultation to determine your needs and even a 3d visualisation of what your sofa would look like in your space. I believe that modern technology is a great way to aid the sales process, especially when buying an expensive piece of furniture like a sofa.

Camerich have a wide range of styles to choose from. The next step is to select all the separate modules to create a sofa that works for your space. I quite like the Casa range, and on clicking on the Casa sofa, I was presented with 6 sofa variations and 17 modules to help me build a sofa that’s unique to me and fits my space perfectly. Here are a selection of 3 that I liked.

Camerich Casa Sofa

Camerich Casa Sofa Camerich Casa Sofa

Once you’ve chosen your style, then it’s time to choose the fabric. I visited a Camerich store so that I could get a good look at the fabrics that are available. There is a very wide choice and I felt that most people’s taste would be satisfied.

Camerich Fabrics

Camerich is a great brand with an international presence. They aren’t going anywhere soon. I like that this brand sits inbetween high-end and luxury. These are very well made modern sofas and I do like them a lot.

For more information visit Camerich, they also have a sale on until 29th February.

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