Candle Karl by Karl Lagerfeld for Welton London

16th October 2015

Candle Karl Interior Style Hunter
If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you might have spotted that I was at a rather fabulous event on Tuesday evening. Alexandra PR had invited me along to view Candle Karl (the only one in the UK) and the launch of Welton London Fragrances new collection.

Welton London is well known in the luxury fragrance industry and I had the pleasure of having an in-depth conversation with John-Paul Welton, the founder and man behind these beautiful scents.

We discussed the impact that fragrance has in an interior and both agreed that a good interior designer/stylist will acknowledge that good design doesn’t just end with sight and touch. Scent is an easy and powerful way to influence mood and enhance a space.

Candle Karl Interior Style Hunter 1

Candle Karl designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Welton London Fragrances

Yes, it’s a mouthful, but it deserves it’s lengthy title. This large candle has a presence of it’s own. It’s style is bold, punchy and uniquely Lagerfeld. Those black glasses and neat white collar. It’s unmistakably Karl Lagerfeld.

Candle Karl

Karl Lagerfeld and John-Paul Welton joined forces to create Candle Karl. And as with all of Lagerfeld’s designs, it started with a hand-drawn picture depicting the final product.

It’s a challenge to describe scents effectively, but the press release does it perfectly:

Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite cinnamon makes its appearance in the top notes, surrounded by fresh citrusy combination of mandarin and orange, delicately spiced with pink peppercorn. The heart is composed of floral notes of jasmine and orange blossom, blended with cardamom, nutmeg and tobacco notes that emphasize the character of the scent. The subtle yet powerful base is enhanced by the warmth of amber, purity of the musk and elegance of cedar and teak wood.

There’s a lot going on, but you should expect that from a £240 candle. I enjoyed the scent, and it’s a strong autumn scent with a lot of layers, and I do like that.

Candles are huge business, and Candle Karl is both a decorative piece, and a total show off. Your visitors will undoubtedly know you have a piece of Lagerfeld in your home.

It’s a limited edition of 300 pieces and available at selected stores.

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  • So cool! Still in his signature look. I wish I could have a nice scented candle looking like me! Haha!

    • He’s so good with his branding. Unmistakably Karl Lagerfeld. We have lots to learn.