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Peter Linnett Sculptures

12th July 2017

I was recently introduced to the work of sculptor extraordinaire Peter Linnett. Peter is based in London and worked for many, many years in antique restoration and this has probably been the biggest influence on his work. He creates functional sculpture, meaning that you can use it as furniture, but they are truly pieces of art. Linnett uses materials that age with dignity and even goes as far to say he welcomes the ageing process as these add to the…

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Art Interior Design

Jeremy Houghton, a contemporary British artist

26th September 2016

I’ve been following artist Jeremy Houghton on Instagram since he reached out to me earlier this year inviting me to a dinner at his gallery in the Cotswolds. Unfortunately I was out of the country at the time of the event, but did get to Jeremy’s gallery over the summer while I was holidaying in the Cotswolds. Jeremy Houghton portrays the dynamic world using distinct yet complimentary bodies of work to paint the essence of motion, favouring themes of light, space, transience and…

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Art Competition

Kickstart your Art Collection with Rise Art AND a Giveaway!

5th September 2016
The passion of Ocean by Jinsheng You

Building an art collection is a daunting task. It’s easy to go out and buy pieces of art that we like or are attracted to, but actually building a collection where the pieces all feel like they work together and still express who you are is a challenge. I was recently asked by Rise Art to create a collection that reflected my personal style. A collection that I might have in my home, and a collection that you could use…

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