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Chic Chelsea living at the House of FBC London by Fiona Barratt Projects

Chic Chelsea living at the House of FBC London by Fiona Barratt Projects

Fiona Barratt is an internationally renowned interior designer with a keen eye for interesting textures and London craft. Fiona and her husband Sol recently completed their first project together under their new “Fiona Barratt Projects” extension.

Keen eye for interesting textures and London craft

They bought this listed property two years ago when it was still being used as a dentist’s studio and individual flats. The façade was restored and many of the internal structures were rebuilt to transform this space into a flexible modern home.

Inspiration was taken from the natural world, history, travel, and cultures as can be seen in the rich meaning behind each FBC London piece used in the transformation. FBC London focuses on timeless design that can be appreciated by future generations. All FBC London pieces used in the design are handcrafted by London artisans.

In the design process there were 17 iterations of the floor layout. Initially the staircase was an old Georgian staircase, however it was reworked into a contemporary design resulting in more floor space on each floor plate.

The interior architecture was cleverly used to create two separate spaces – a dining room and a lounge area – while keeping an open plan feel as the kitchen overlooks both areas. The wall splits the space into two allowing natural light to flood all three spaces.

Each FBC London piece holds meaning as seen in the maximalist design of the Minerva Desk in the study named after the Roman goddess of wisdom, poetry, and arts.

Intricate details are present in each piece, for example the Armour collection is inspired by hand carving techniques dating back 3000 years. The cast bronze foot of the Grace Bench creates a unique contrast between its simple smooth form and the studded finishes.

In the bespoke FBC London kitchen, stunning bright Calacatta Viola marble from Italy has been used to create interesting textures that stand out and create a timeless modern feel.

Layers of craft and intricate textures are used throughout the design. The textured wallpaper in the living room creates interesting shadows that draw attention to the ethereal Aspectu Mirror.

Craft pieces, such as the Flying Garden created by Zsolt Jozsef Simon, have intricate textures and explore natural form in this contemporary living room.

Fiona and Sol are planning to carry out more development work in the future with the aim to renovate and sell two properties per year. This home will be on the market either with or without the FBC London pieces used in the design.

Find out more about their projects on their website.

Image Credits: FBC London

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