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Christmas Tree in a box from Bloom & Wild

Bloom and Wild Christmas Tree Header

Christmas is on it’s way, approaching fast and furiously. I love the festive season, it’s a wonderful time for me as I usually travel back to South Africa every December to be with family and friends. We are a very traditional family and traditions mean a lot to me. The Christmas tree is one of those traditions that we love.

Each year we go and buy an enormous 2m tall tree and then pull out our decorations, some of which are probably as old as me.  We also buy fine ornaments wherever we travel too, so our tree tells our story of our travels and memories from each destination.

I never really put up a tree in my home in London because I’m not normally here, but this has changed today as I got sent a miniature Christmas Tree from Bloom & Wild. Sent in the innovative box that fits right through your letterbox. The team over at Bloom & Wild are just so clever; look at what’s in the box.

Bloom and Wild Christmas Tree Christmas Tree in a box

Bloom and Wild Christmas Tree in a box

Bloom and Wild Christmas Tree decorations

They have certainly thought of everything you need to create a lovely little Christmas Tree. You get:

  • A tree
  • A stylish little canvas waterproof bag for the tree to sit in
  • A bag of trendy copper and neutral toned baubles and a glass star to top it off
  • Some moss to cover the top of the roots to keep the moisture in and make it look professionally finished.

Christmas Decorations 1 Bloom and Wild Christmas Tree

Christmas Decorations Bloom and Wild Christmas Tree

After unpacking the box, it was time to start styling the tree. I use the term ‘styling’ very loosely here. For me, Christmas is about enjoyment, excess, kitch, and being relaxed. Everyone should get involved and not feel any pressure about making the tree (or your home) look like a commercially styled space. Christmas should be about having fun with family and friends.

My tree, neatly potted in the stylish canvas pot, about to be styled…

Above 1 Bloom and Wild Christmas Tree

Star 1 Bloom and Wild Christmas Tree

christmas tree close up

Here’s my finished tree sitting in it’s little canvas pot. Christmas Tree Bloom & Wild

I’ve since moved it over to my desk and put it in another pot and added some gold paper to the base. It is Christmas after all, and you can never have enough kitch at Christmas.

Bloom and Wild Christmas Tree

The little star at the top is just lovely, the tree now sits on my desk and I can smell the deep pine scent which means Christmas is coming, what a lovely feeling that is.

You can order a Christmas Tree from Bloom & Wild for just £25, and what a lovely gift to send to someone.

christmas tree star

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