Content Marketing Service

Why are bloggers so visible online and you’re not? It’s because bloggers are experts at Content Marketing!

Your business needs high-quality, relevant content that will connect you to the right clients for your business. Due to the volume of content that a business needs today, you know that this isn’t the right use of your time.

You can’t be the content creator and grow your business at the same time. Writing 5,000 to 10,000 words a month; 4 blog posts a month, a newsletter, social media updates and creating a lead magnet is essential, but extremely time consuming but essential as digital marketing is now a key component to growing any business.

Outsourcing to freelance writers?

Using freelancers is great, but you still have to take care of the technical aspects of a content marketing campaign and that means more of your time.
Researching which content you need that will resonate with your customers, editing copy, managing imagery, publishing blog posts, distributing newsletters, uploading social media updates – a freelance writer won’t do any of that!

A content marketing solution

Content marketing is about connecting with your clients over a period of time, consistently producing content that will attract potential clients, build trust by showing off your expertise. Consistency is the key to any content marketing campaign, and delivering content regularly is what we do, every day for our interior design clients.

Our solution

For years we’ve been creating content for our design clients. Our team of professional content creators work through a streamlined process. Starting with research and planning topics that are right for your target audience as well as being SEO optimised. We will write, edit, publish and distribute this content through your networks in your tone of voice. All the while adding our professional insight and industry experience.


*Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a highly valuable piece of content, so valuable, that someone is willing to trade their email address for this content. Now, we’ve seen a lot of these sorts of things around, and generally they don’t have a high value. But we need to come up with something that will work for your clients, this could be a whitepaper, eBook, email course, free online consultation about their upcoming project, along with a form/document that can help them in determining what style they might be looking for. Together we need to find a way to trade value, their email address, so you can market to them, in return for something of value.

We will create this content for you and help you design and launch your landing page and subsequent email automation.

Lead magnets include:

  • Topic planning
  • Writing (~5000 words)
  • Copy editing
  • Designing the asset (eBook, email course, or skyscraper article)
  • Landing page design
  • Email Automation Consulting (optional)

Next steps

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