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Creating a Successful Relationship-Based Interior Design Business, With Sue Bond

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Welcome to yet another episode of the Interior Style Hunter Podcast.

Today we have the privilege of interviewing Sue Bond, a South African-based interior designer. Sue’s career started out from her love for property and her ability to transform a house into something beautiful.

Her business has always been a very personal one, and she sort of fell into it rather than choosing it. Sue has worked extensively around the globe, doing projects with clients in Hong Kong, South Africa, Spain, Russia, and all over the UK.

Inside today’s episode, Sue shares her journey and how her business has transformed over the years, from project to project. We also dive into the personal nature of Sue’s business and why she prefers to build her clientele through word of mouth.

Finally, Sue shares more about her love for art and how she incorporates home-grown and locally based artists and creators into her projects all over the world.

For all this and more, be sure not to miss out on this incredible interview!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Sue’s first interior design client came from her real estate days.
  • Why Sue’s business has remained very personal.
  • The world-wide exposure that Sue has been able to get for her business.
  • What art means to Sue, and how she lives with art.
  • Why Sue believes that some of the most talented artists are from South Africa.
  • How Sue incorporates South African art and textiles in her work overseas.
  • The details of Sue’s extreme makeover installation technique.
  • Using your personal design style to attract the right clients for your business.
  • Why Sue gets her absolute best ideas from her travels.
  • How different cultures approach the sharing of their interior design.
  • What Sue has learned, in the design space, from her travel experiences.
  • The biggest challenges Sue faces in growing her business.
  • What we can look forward to from Sue Bond Interiors.
  • A round of quick-fire questions with Sue.


“As my confidence in what I’ve been able to produce for my clients has grown, the size of the projects has grown.” — Sue Bond [0:01:38.1]

“There’s nothing nicer than handing a project over where you’ve literally changed someone’s life.” — Sue Bond [0:14:07.1]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

  1. Sue Bond – Elle Decoration Home tour: Sue Bond’s Fresnaye house 
  2. Sue on Instagram

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