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How to Design a Luxury Bedroom

luxury interior design bedroom
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One of the most intimate places in your home is the bedroom and its interior design most often reflects your preferences. Needless to say, there are a plethora of options when it comes to designing your bedroom, although paying attention to particular features can assist you in designing your desired luxury bedroom.

Planning a Luxury Bedroom Design

When beginning to design your luxury bedroom, make a note of what you’ve seen around that you like and also think about the sort of positive and relaxed feeling you want to invoke. You can then begin to note which pieces, whether decorative or practical, need to be removed, adjusted or added to be in line with your luxury interior design. Though you can design your luxury bedroom as it suits you, more often than not intricate details and layering are key to a professional look. This blog post covers the basic elements of your bedroom design which need to be catered to when it comes to designing your own and maybe even an award winning luxury bedroom.

The Bed

When it comes to the luxury interior design of your bedroom the bed acts as the centrepiece, with its placement and colour tones adding to the luxurious look of your bedroom. The placement of the bed should be done in such a way so as to allow it to be the focal point of the room, with the colour tones being chosen relative to the available space; pale colour tones ought to be opted for, for a smaller bedroom whilst dark tones can be opted for otherwise.


A symmetrical setting is the key when it comes to a luxury interior design, as also dictated by the law of Feng Shui. Keeping in line with this, two bedside tables with two lamps (if preferred) and two sets of pillows allows for you to develop a symmetrical yet luxury interior design for your bedroom, whilst the aspect of Feng Shui attracts a healthy flow of energy.


For a luxury interior design, the element of texture comes through your choice of bed linen, curtains, cushions and pillows along with rugs. Bed linen paired with cushions and plush, well-stuffed pillows not only exude luxury but also will allow you to be comfortable in your bed. Using a mixture of textures is often advisable- velvet adds to the feeling of luxury within the bedroom, which can be used for an ottoman whilst silk curtains can be paired with straight blinds to further add to the luxurious appeal. Also, a well-placed wool rug too can add another layer of texture to your bedroom.


The key to choosing lighting elements when it comes to the luxury interior design of your bedroom is to combine lower level ceiling lighting with spotlights. Table lamps can also be added to the space in order to further create a multi-layered lighting effect which enhances the luxurious look of the bedroom. A hanging light can also be opted for which not only proves to be a practical source of light but also allow for a more luxurious and well-thought look for your bedroom space.

Find a Luxury Interior Designer

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