Design your own table with Little Snug

26th June 2015

Little_Snug-7123-russell-daniel-group-six-6-tables-wire-removed-1024x682Everybody has good ideas, but not everybody puts these good ideas into action.  Dan and Russ certainly did, and now have a growing business creating affordable, British made, bespoke tables.  Affordable, British and bespoke aren’t often listed together, but trust me on this and read further.

The story starts when Russ moved into a new house but couldn’t find a kitchen table to his liking, so asked his friend and carpenter Dan to make one.  Dan delivered, and at the housewarming party, Dan got a few orders for tables.  Word spread and soon Dan was very busy making bespoke tables for clients, and Little Snug was born.


Little_Snug-5650-Edit-chamfered-jasmine-white-bullnose-round-mirror-larder-butchers-block-lifestyleThere’s a few things that are great about Little Snug, firstly, the tables are bespoke.  You can use their fancy ‘configurator’ to design your own table.

You start by selecting a rectangular or round style, then size, then edge.  You get a choice of 7 legs for the table, and finally, a colour choice, from a selection of 8 modern shades.  The pricing starts at £635.

The table is then custom made here in England, by a range of craftsmen specialising in various trades.  So you get a beautifully bespoke British made piece of furniture from specialist craftsmen.  I think you’ll agree with me that you can see the value.

I do believe that we will start seeing more companies who focus on creating well made bespoke products for our homes.  There is definitely a demand for these sorts of services. I know from personal experience, when it took me months to find a table that would fit my dining room in Cape Town.

If you are looking for a bespoke table to fit into your space, then I would highly recommend taking a look at Little Snug.  They also have a range of other furniture and home accessories to go perfectly with your new table.

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