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Ellie Cashman Dutch Old Master Inspired Floral Wallpaper


Inspired by the still life painters of the Dutch Golden Age, Ellie Cashman has produced a truly inspiring collection of bold and yet somehow calming range of floral wallpaper. I can of course see the connection to those great paintings that inspired Cashman. A few years ago when I was in the Rijksmuseum I had the chance to see these works up close and personal and they have a calming effect on you, even though the subject might not be so calming.

“My designs are meant to serve as narratives of optimism and celebrations of beauty. It is this discussion that I want to introduce into my customers’ surroundings, daily lives and experiences.”

– Ellie Cashman



Personally, I would love to cover my bedroom walls with these beautiful wallpapers. I think that the boldness of the print reaches out and embraces you, it sounds mad, but that strong print will definitely make a space feel very intimate and the boldness of the design is quite masculine too.

Cashman starts the design process by pencil sketching on a large piece of paper. This is then photographed on her iPhone and then imported into Photoshop and scaled up in size. Carefully filling in the details as the image starts to grow. Studying the Old Master techniques gives Cashman’s work a unique element.

It’s my hope to apply these ‘Golden Age’ insights and techniques using new technology, in a new context (the interior design and fashion industries), on a large scale, to create a truly unique style of floral print which doesn’t hang on a wall but is the wall, the mood, etc.

If you’re into this sort of look then you should also take a look at the National Gallery who have made their artworks available through Surface View, meaning that you can buy wallcoverings and murals of your favourite master paintings. There are some fabulous floral designs that would look amazing.

Links: Ellie Cashman Design & National Gallery Surface View

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