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Exploring fine Italian craftsmanship with Francesco Molon

19th September 2016
Francesco Molon

At the age of 11, Francesco Molon started to learn carpentry, he studied, practiced and immersed himself in his craft. Fifty years later, he has a very successful design company, Francesco Molon, that supplies international markets with fine handmade Italian furniture.

Francesco says, ‘I have directed the production towards an audience sensitive to the charm derived from a perfectly crafted product. In my opinion, Italy has the most historical and artistic heritage in the world.’

I completely agree, and it’s why I spend a lot of time in Italy and love to work with Italian brands. In the UK, we sometimes struggle to appreciate the fine ornate work of Italian craftsmen, but we definitely do love contemporary Italian styling. That mid-century feel with a mix of pop and modernity is something that we find easy to live with.

Francesco Molon has a really large product offering, I counted 12 on their website, ranging from 18th Century styling through to more modern looks.

One of my favourite collections is the Eclectica collection. The pieces that make up this collection are so unique and have such great design elements to them.

I absolutely love this upholstered bench. It would sit proud in any space, especially a bedroom where you can easily see yourself stealing away some time in the day to relax on it.


The same goes for this lovely bench, so simple, so elegant and just the right thing for that awkward place in your living room where you want something useful, but not too big and bulky.

This mirror inlaid cabinet is such a show stopper. I love that mirror has been used in the design, and when you are in the same room as the cabinet, it would reflect little actions and movements as you move through the space. The elegant legs look as though they wouldn’t be able to support such a large piece, but they do, and they are beautiful! This cabinet is available in a side table too.francesco-molon-cabinet

This stunning console with one side curving beautifully inwards like that is a fantastic piece of design. It’s a very useful piece of furniture to have, but it more than just functional, it has an elegant understated presence. They have another version of this where there is a lamp that is built into it.francesco-molon-console They create beautiful pieces of furniture and their extensive catalogue has made it quite a task to pick out a few pieces that I really do love. If you’re looking for something luxurious, skillfully made and has those strong gorgeous Italian design elements, then definitely head over to Francesco Molon.

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