Feng shui open plan living room ideas

Successful interior design for living rooms can be very reliant on the feng shui principles of the ancient Chinese. Good feng shui creates harmony in homes and relies on the best placement of furniture and objects to build up positive and healing energy flows. Many people have said that creating feng shui layouts in the home has been really beneficial for their mental health and wellbeing.

Good feng shui creates harmony in homes

The following tips can help you plan a feng shui layout for your large open plan living space:

One of the main feng shui principles to follow when planning your living area is to keep lines of sight as open as possible. This builds positive chi energy flow and adds a wide-open feel to the layout while increasing the amount of natural light in the room. Furniture with a low profile should be used to avoid blocking chi energies and colour schemes that delight the eye of any observer should be utilised through the entire space.

It’s also important to set identifiable boundaries within any open plan layout in order to define the purpose of each space. If the room encompasses a kitchen area, dining area and open plan living room, you can define these areas using rugs, pendant lights, low room dividers, sliding doors or different colour themes.

In your kitchen/dining room, a kitchen island can be used to create a boundary between the kitchen and dining space and is also a useful feature which can double up as a breakfast bar. Your dining table should be placed in the correct manner to build positive energy and the same goes for the seating area in your living room. Creating a focal point using natural shapes and elements can also add to the space feel of the area.

Building positive feng shui also means ensuring the view of your front door is not blocked in any way.

Tips to bear in mind

Clutter is anathema to positive energy feng shui, so reduce it at all times.

Practicality is also important for living areas. They need to be a peaceful space for relaxation, where you can go to unwind. Keeping decorations and ornaments to minimal levels is one way to build and enhance peace and relaxation. Earth element colours are ideal for scheming your living area and creating boundaries. They provide feelings of stability and calm, for what colours to choose, consider light yellow, beige or skin tones, and earthy or sandy tones.

Build natural light and fresh, clean air into your open plan living area in order to enhance positive energies. Layering levels of light using different kinds of lamps can help build a welcoming and calming feng shui living room environment during hours of darkness.

Open plan living and dining areas can look a little sparse or minimal at times, keeping all decorative elements close to each other can help maintain balance in each area.

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