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Exploring the flamingo interiors trend

flamingo interiors trend

A bit of a fun post today, looking at the flamingo interiors trend. You can’t walk down the high street – and even around Chelsea Harbour without spotting a flamingo. While I’m not really a follower of trends, I do like to have a few words about them – I’m a writer anyway – so there’s always ample words.

What I’m going to say might surprise you, I’m usually into luxury interiors where each element of each piece has been carefully considered and thought out, but there’s also a bright bold fun side to my personality.

The thought of having an oversized stuffed flamingo in my home is actually quite appealing, especially one that I could move about. There were many to choose from at Maison Objet this year. While you may think this is a little insane, I do agree, but that’s what trends do. They help to stretch our imagination a little and also push the boundaries of design. They are fun and colourful on purpose. While I don’t think I could live with a stuffed flamingo forever, a season or two could be quite fun.

Flamingo Taxidermy Maison Objet Paris January 2015

I thought it would be fun to have a look at some of the interesting products that designers have created to take advantage of this trend.

The Viren Wild Pink lamp is just wonderful, from the creatives at Temple & Ivy, these pewter flamingo legs and pink feathered shade is a great interpretation of the flamingo interiors trend.

Viren wild pink flamingo lamp Temple and Ivy

Hubert Zandberg Interiors have styled the space below using a flamingo – love the fact that you could move it around the house…


I spotted this Yvonne Ellen plate pair a few months ago at Liberty, and I’ve been keeping an eye on her brand. She creates some lovely collections and this one is my particular favourite.

flamingo interiors trend

Here’s a subtle way to include this trend in your interiors. From 1st Dibs – this brass Flamingo floor lamp by Karl Hagenauer is a classic piece that will definitely outlive the flamingo interiors trend.

flamingo interiors trend

And I just had to include Anna Jacobs Breaking Dawn lamp, bright and bold, celebrating the rich pink colours associated with Flamingo’s.

flamingo interiors trend

It’s always interesting to see how designers interpret trends and create products for us, as you can see from the selection above, there’s just about something for everyone.

So, why the flamingo interiors trend? My take on it is that bright colours are definitely coming back into ‘fashion’ and mid-century is stronger than ever. The flamingo was a very popular garden ornament in the late 1950’s. We’re also very interested in re-interpreting retro ideas and products into modern products. All these thoughts help to directly bring the flamingo into the 2010’s.  Do let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this trend, love it or hate it – I’d love to know.

PS: If you know of anyone with a spare stuffed flamingo – do ask them to send it my way.

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