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A luxury Gentleman’s Valet Stand by new brand Honorific

17th May 2016
honorific_london_gentlemans valet_stand_04

One of the reasons I write about brands is because I’m fussy. I get an idea in my head of what I want, then I look and look and look – sometimes years, until I find something that resembles what I’m looking for. Yes, I know that I could just commission someone to make what I want, and I often do, but most of the time, I enjoy the hunt!

My latest hunting expedition has been for a gentleman’s valet stand. I wanted something antique, but this hasn’t stopped me from looking at new designs too.  It was probably in about month 4 of my search when I came across Honorific on instagram. Their beautiful images sold me instantly on their gentleman’s valet.honorific_london_gentlemans valet_stand

honorific_london_gentlemans valet_standHonorific is a new luxury furniture brand that’s dedicated to making elegant and classic gentleman’s furniture. The gentleman’s valet stand is their first product. It’s a contemporary design with classic elements, making it easy to work in modern, contemporary or classic interiors. Using black American walnut and solid brass fittings, this piece is designed to be a future classic. Each valet has been individually hand polished and waxed brass details will develop a rich, well aged warm patina over the years.

honorific_london_gentlemans valet_standhonorific_london_gentlemans valet_stand

Designed with functionality in mind, there is space for trousers, shoes, ties, watches,
fine jewellery and a jacket. The valet hanger is sculpted from one piece of solid hardwood to provide the ultimate rest for your jacket. There is also a brass plate which is engraved personally for you.

Available from Honorific, Gentleman’s Valet Stand, £3,300.

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