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Gi – Design: The Artisan Approach & The Top Notch Technology Behind It

I introduced you to Gi – Design a few weeks ago on the blog. I was also lucky enough to see the fantastic water sculptures whilst I was in Milan for design week. Today I want to delve more into the technology, how they work and the artists and craftsmen behind the designs and functionality.

The Gi -Design water sculptures are activated by an innovative and sophisticated technological system. The controls have different shapes, harmonious with the style of the sculpture, and can be installed on surfaces or even portable, wireless devices to enable remote water flow operation.

One of the command options is the electronic mixer which activates or interrupts the flow of water with light pressure. In this case a device outlines the flow of water with a beam of LED light, adding a delightful touch of magic. The temperature and the flow is regulated in the same way: by pressing and touching the button with a circular motion.

Gi-Design turns to the creativity of an eclectic, illuminated team of professionals with experience in a variety of different fields of architecture and design to create objects and spaces that interpret innovative visions with practicality and comfort.

From water sculptures to the broadest concepts rewriting the interior design of spaces of all kinds, the goal is to tell an ever-new story that changes and evolves with every beam of light, with every custom-designed detail.

Nothing is taken for granted, and everything is adaptable, fluid, to create a style that dialogues perfectly with every client’s demands, fitting into an existing space or completely redesigning it, adding value without totally changing its character.

Drawing inspiration from the world of art, poetry and nature, Gi-Design is a continually evolving laboratory of ideas that combines practicality with aesthetics in unique personalised solutions.

Gi-Design uses the most innovative technologies to carve out a story of the unique craftsmanship that only the most authentic Italian-made goods can represent. The same magic of hand craftsmanship appears in cutting-edge engineering molding materials to give form to exclusive ideas. This custom-made approach creates the most appropriate sculptures to respond to customers’ desires for their bathrooms, according to their character. As unique items made entirely by Gi-Design, they can be changed in any way to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Starting with the materials, titanium or steel, the controls (with various kinds of single and double knobs) and the shape itself: all aspects evolve to satisfy fans of water sculptures.

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