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Habitat SS16 Collection – Bring on the Summer

27th November 2015
Habitat Garden

SHOT 01 - NEW PR 140552


Although we are in the depths of Winter, Interior Brands have already planned their Spring Summer collections for 2016, and now is the time when they are showcased to the press and trade. I popped along to see the Habitat SS16 Collection last week. I enjoy going to these events, not only to meet familiar faces and have a chance to catch up, but also to see how design is evolving and changing from season to season.

I think that the ‘return to nature’ trend is alive and well, and there are a few brands which are incorporating more natural materials in their collections. And not covering up the materials either, letting them be shown off in their natural state. I like that, as I think we have got so wrapped up in modernity, that we all do want to reconnect with nature.

Habitat’s new collection is inspired by their travels around the world and celebrates cool British design and contemporary global craft. It’s bright and bold with strong shapes, yet the pieces are familiar in a way.

Starting off with a video to showcase the new Habitat SS16 Collection.

The shapes of the rattan furniture remind me of the ‘groovy’ British 70’s and modern pop culture. They are large statement pieces and actually quite comfortable too!Habitat Garden

Habitat Garden

Habitat Garden

Habitat Garden

The accessories are all handmade by artisan craftsmen. It’s the reactive glazes and color washes that make each of these pieces unique, which is almost unheard of at this price point.


I like what Habitat have done with shelving units this year. Introducing new shapes and leaving behind the traditional boxy shelves. These new units are flexible and you can put them together however you please. I like the idea of using them as room dividers, almost creating a city scape type look.

SHOT 06 - NEW PR OpC 141673_RGB

SHOT 02 - NEW PR 140296_RGB

I particularly liked this cabinet, with glass through the front and at both sides, it lets in a lot of light. You could almost call it a modern show cabinet. Perfect place to keep and show off your treasures.SHOT 37 - COLTON CABINET GREEN NEW OpB 141101_RGB

I’m looking forward to the launch of the Habitat SS16 Collection in stores in early 2016. Do let me know what you think of the collection below in the comments.

Habitat UK.

Image credit: Habitat

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  • stellamarie

    Love all the colours and I am not usually a fire colour person but I could be persuaded here. All the natural colours and elements are vibrant yet feel comfy not cold or rigid like some all white interiors do sometimes. Especially in the winter it feels good to have these colours about.

    • I agree – nice bright colours do help to warm up a place, but also the natural materials and organic shapes. I do believe we are seeing just a small part of that trend happening here with this collection.

  • John French

    These are fun & fluid. I like them.

    • I like them too, but I think that’s my South African side talking as these bright colours would look awesome in the South African light. Something that unfortunately we don’t get in England.