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Here’s a quick way to add colour blocking to your interiors.


colour blocking and antiques
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Colour blocking has been around for a while now, it’s certainly not a new trend. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not gaining in popularity amongst interior enthusiasts.  It’s an easy and simple look to integrate into your current interior scheme.

What is colour blocking and where did it originate from?

Colour blocking first appeared in fashion in the 60’s, then later in the 80’s, and then again at the beginning of this decade.  It has very successfully filtered through into interior design and styling.  It is a look that combines multiple solid colours. Usually consisting of two or more colours that are bold, bright and of contrasting shades. The result is a simple, yet modern and chic look. Patterns are not typically used in colour blocking, as this takes away from the ‘blocked’ look, but I think that the introduction of a strong geometric pattern or soft whimsical pattern does make things look a little more interesting.

The trick with colour blocking is to use bright contrasting colours that make each other pop.

How can I integrate colour blocking into my interiors?

As you can see from the images above, there is such a lot that you can do with this look, from just small arrangements to entire room schemes.

The first image shows a mid-century cabinet that’s been ‘colour blocked’.  You don’t need to have an entire room reflecting this look, but a piece of furniture like this in the corner makes a very strong statement.  You could easily do this to an existing piece of furniture, it would only take a few hours.

In the last picture, I have a simple blue vase filled with bright yellow daffodils (tulips work well too). Two strong contrasting colours, blue and yellow look great together.  I’ve placed this arrangement next to an antique wooden clock. The contrast between the modern and antique work well. You can add little touches like this to your interiors to create little pockets of interest to draw the eye through the room.

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