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How do we experience your brand online?

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Picture this: You are a luxury interiors brand selling beautiful pieces or you are an interior designer who works with high net worth individuals. You both give excellent service and your clients love you and rave about you.

But… When your clients recommend you to their friends or colleagues, one of the first things they will do is google you and land up on your website or even worse – your outdated Facebook or Twitter page.

What happens in the next 2 seconds is critical. Does your website/Facebook page/Twitter account match the description of the ‘brand’ that your client has told them about?

A lot of the time the answer is no. Some of you might disagree with me, but I can tell you that people my age (33) and younger (your future clients) will judge you based on the quality of your digital assets (website, social channels etc). We won’t pick up the phone to find out anything more about you. It’s fickle yes – but it’s what happens every day.

A website that is outdated and social media channels that haven’t been updated recently and have no links or incorrect links to your site are doing your business harm. You are turning away potential business.

Similarly, if you aren’t active on social media channels watching, responding and creating
conversations about your business you are missing out too.

In simple terms, if you were at a party and you heard others are talking about you (both good and bad) – you have the chance to step in and take control of the conversation and turn the conversation around or even possibly get a new client or upsell to an existing client. By not being active online – you don’t get the opportunity to do either, you’re leaving the reputation of your business in the hands of others.

Your competitors are online. People in the UK spent £52,25bn in 2015, a 16.2% increase on 2014*. Trust me if you aren’t online, someone else is and they are taking your potential sales.

When I meet people for the first time that I know have read this blog I often ask them if they feel like I’m different from who I portray myself online to be – I’ve not yet had a ‘no’, but when I do then I’ll know that I’m doing something wrong.

It’s important that the experience that people have from your brand online needs to equal or surpass the experience that your brand would give them offline.

Digital marketing may be hard and difficult to understand how to do it properly and challenging to make it work for your business but can you afford to miss out?

I’ll be talking about this and more at my discussion at Maison Objet Paris next Saturday 23rd January with my invited guests Nicolas Topiol, CEO of Christian Lacroix and Justyna Sowa, CEO of Decorum. You can find us in Hall 7 at 12pm. I’ll be around afterwards to meet and have a chat with you too.

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