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Interior design elements in the new suites at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Joyce Wang Suites Bedroom

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At just 32, Interior Designer Joyce Wang has achieved in her career what most designers attempt to achieve in a lifetime. She’s redesigned The Hollywood Roosevelt’s Cabana rooms, set up her studio in Hong Kong, won multiple design awards, including World Interior of the Year Award in 2014. Joyce’s latest project has been the refurbishment of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.

I don’t often turn to hotels for interior design inspiration as interiors for hotels are designed so differently to the way an interior for a home is designed. But Joyce Wang has done such an interesting job with these suites that I think that a lot of these principles can be used in small city homes.

The space planning works really well. From the living room you can see into the bedroom and into the bathroom, opening up the space. The curved wall draws your eye towards the bedroom as well as up due to the vertical lines. The large mirror helps to reflect light in the centre of the space making it feel a lot larger than it is.

Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Joyce Wang Suites

Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Joyce Wang Suites BathroomThe muted colour palette helps to make the whole space work together and keep the flow between the rooms. The headboard and the sofa have been finished in the same material and in the same style. Lighting has been chosen very carefully to help create a space that cocoons the hotel guest.

A lot of these ideas are great to replicate in your own space, especially lighting. A well thought out lighting plan can really make such a difference to the person who needs to live in the space.

With our city homes getting smaller and smaller, it’s important to look at spaces like hotel suites to pick out the elements that work. Often it’s the space planning that is done well in a hotel suite. Everything has a place and there is usually a good flow between the rooms. I think we should be using these tactics more in smaller apartments.

Opening up the space between the living areas and bedrooms will make a space feel much larger. With the use of flexible sliding doors or walls, you are still able to create privacy when needed.

I also think that with hotels turning to celebrity designers to design suites, we are getting hotel suites that are softer and more homely. It’s going to be an interesting trend over the next few years to see how commercial and residential design merge.

Joyce Wang, Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Images: Landmark Mandarin Oriental

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