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Thoughts on Interior Design Trends 2017

interior design trends 2017

Perhaps this post is a little more about setting intentions for myself in 2017 rather than interior design trends 2017, but being exposed to interior design on a global level and especially in London, I feel like I’m well placed to put into words what I’ve seen changing in the wider interior design marketplace as well as able to interpret trends from the many conversations that I’ve had with interior designers.

This post is a little bit different from traditional trend list posts mentioning specific trends, but rather a focus on a flow of ideas.

Wellness and Lifestyle

At the top end of the property market, there is a lot of innovation and thought being invested into how to integrate wellness solutions into homes. Elements like air and water filtering are almost standard in these high end homes, but it goes way beyond this.

Bathrooms are becoming more spa-like, and we’re seeing a lot of sauna/steam-room/gym integration as well as dedicated spaces for massage or wellness/beauty treatments. The well known Polish salt grotto’s are also becoming mainstream in the super prime housing market. Colours are still muted and the design elements are coming from texture, eg stone, wood and metals being incorporated into the scheme.

Designers are thinking about how their clients are living and how best to design a solution that works for their unique lifestyles. Separate bedrooms are becoming ‘acceptable’ again; if one partner travels a lot and leaves the other at home, it can be quite unsettling to have to get used to sharing your space each time your partner is back, so personal suites are on the increase.

“Alexander James have done it at Landmark Place. Oliver Burns do it – and call them ‘high end suites’. Telegraph”

I think we’re at breaking point when it comes to stress and the early trend adopters are building stress management strategies into their lifestyles which naturally means that the home needs to be able to play its part in reducing stress. I firmly believe that in the next few years our homes will be a major part of actively and passively influencing the way we deal with stress.


Technology has been a big influence in the way in which we lived in our homes in 2016. Lighting systems, in particular from Philips Hue and LIFX made our homes even more connected than before. We also saw an enormous increase in the use of wireless charging pads, apps that monitor heating & cooling and much more.

2017 is going to see this technology reach even more homes as it becomes even more affordable. I’m really enjoying seeing how seamless technology is in our homes, so the focus is still on design, with a layer of technology hidden beneath it.


A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.

This bright refreshing shade of green is an optimistic colour and full of energy. It makes for an excellent colour to help wake us up and connect us to the outdoors too. Energy and optimism is how I see this colour. It’s not a favourite colour of mine at all, but I can certainly see how it could be fun to experiment with and incorporate into a space. And that I think is what 2017 should be about, experiment and have fun with colours.

We have seen a lot of use of jewel colour over the last year and that’s certainly not going anywhere, denim blue is also very present in a lot of design schemes.

Interior Design Trends 2017

The way in which lifestyle movements are analysed in order to predict trends is a whimsical science, but overall the focus for 2017 is on wellness and using design to help us live a better life. It’s a great mantra and one that I certainly live by.

Image credit: Duravit, Inipi B Sauna

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