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Interior Style Hunter interviews Faiza Seth founder of Casa Forma

24th March 2017
Casa Forma Drawing Room

Recently I was introduced to Faiza Seth, the founder of Casa Forma. They are award-winning interior design & interior architecture firm based in London. It’s international team of interior designers and architects spanning over nine nationalities provide luxury interiors and design services for residential, hospitality and commercial properties. I loved their work and knew immediately that I wanted to share their designs with you.

What is your design signature/style?

My personal style is contemporary classic with a touch of Art Deco which I feel is sophisticated and timeless. However, Casa Forma as a company doesn’t have a particular design style or formula since we focus our designs to suit the needs of each of our clients. Therefore, we offer truly bespoke design tailored to our clients’ lifestyle, personal style, and preferences.

What type of people do you love to work with as clients?

I love to work with clients that get involved and collaborate on the design process. We enjoy getting to know their likes thereby allowing us to design something that is truly customised. Our truly bespoke service allows us to be more creative and provide something different, and something unique for each project.

Can you tell us about a particularly exciting/challenging project?

The most challenging project so far has probably been One Hyde Park, because it’s the most exclusive address in the world. It was a challenge, because the rooms have a dynamic and unusual shape – but it allowed us to be more creative. As a result, we won a lot of design awards for that property. I loved the theme for the apartment, too – we took nearby Hyde Park as inspiration. It was one of our most creative and luxurious projects.

Does your home reflect your professional style?

Definitely. My Mayfair home was designed by Casa Forma eight years ago now but the design of it always seems current. The design is timeless and shows underrated and luxurious interior design. It’s an elegant 3,883 sq ft lateral apartment on Down Street which required the restoration of original architectural features as well as modernisation of the internal structure to create a truly bespoke living space, which achieves an unparalleled level of luxury and comfort.

If you had £10,000 to spend on a piece of furniture/accessory/art/decor item, what would it be and why?

That would have to be on a custom chandelier. I love adding the finishing touch with an item that completes the rooms decor. Bringing light and a certain ambiance to a room is so important to me.

What’s next for your business/brand?

We hope to expand even more globally. Our international design practice provides comprehensive luxury interior design and architectural services for residential, commercial, and hospitality properties. We would also like to expand into marine and aviation design.

Which new/up and coming designers do you currently have your eye on?

There are so many new and talented designers out there it’s difficult to choose a few.

If someone reading this was about to begin their own home redesign project, what would be your best advice to them?

Stay neutral on the walls. Good design is about balance by developing a neutral shell where you can add elements such as custom furnishings, fabrics and accessories, further adding different layers of the design will enhance the final scheme.

You can contact Casa Forma here.

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