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Interior Style Hunter interviews Gudy Herder from Eclectic Trends

26th November 2015

When I was studying interior styling at Central St Martins, our lecturer made us create moodboard after moodboard. We constantly had to change our moodboards and almost every lecture we went to we had to present a new moodboard. I found Gudy Herder’s website Eclectic Trends while I was doing some research on how to make a better moodboard. Gudy’s website was a portal into a fascinating world of visual story telling and trend forecasting.

I just had to ask Gudy to join my interview series. I hope you do enjoy reading this interview and do check out Gudy’s website, Eclectic Trends.

What is your design signature/style?

It’s a mix of different styles but if had to be more concise, I’d say cosy contemporary Italian-Scandinavian 🙂 I change every few years too, you can’t really define my style long term.

What type of people do you love to work with as clients?

Those who challenge me, giving me new inputs and insights. I always thrive to learn from my clients and get as much as possible ‘behind the scenes’ peeks.

I love having a broader vision of what is going on and be able to use this knowledge for different projects. It’s good to advise your clients and be in your comfort zone but much more interesting when new tasks are coming up.

Can you tell us a little about trend forecasting and how you forecast trends?

Actually, it all started 8 years ago when working with a major furniture retail company in Spain. I was defining and purchasing their accessory range for all 70 stores. Visiting many international trade shows and developing collections together with providers made me get an interest into what would come next, where and how. I decided to share this knowledge summing up trend reports I would forward to all retailers. Soon it became a great sales tool since the stores could tell the end consumer what to expect for the next season and product lines were developed accordingly.
And I had a lot of fun.

Today I have learned from trend consultancies I work with and trend conferences I attend, how to focus on what I believe comes next.

What trends are you looking forward to becoming mainstream?

I am not too much into mainstream honestly.

But I can share with you the 3 mega trends for the upcoming 5 years. They might sound abstract but will influence many areas of our lives.

  1. People are not categorized anymore by their origin. You are not Italian or American per se and correspond to cliches. Globalization makes us culture-,language- and skill wise international in many ways.
    I guess, I am myself a pretty good example here: I was born in Germany, have been living for the past 26 years in Spain and do travel to many corners in the world due to my work.
  2. The barrier between genders gets more and more blurry creating a new agender concept that will influence society when it comes to design new services, products and laws. We can expect to see more people who decide not to label their gender. The fashion industry already quite active in showing collections without gender definition.
  3. Age is not that important or limiting. You can start a business at any age with countless resources being available, older models are asked to walk on catwalks featuring The Advanced Style project as a very good example.

Which designers do you currently have your eye on?

Always Elisa Stroyzeck and Jaime Hayon. Love Patricia Urquiola, Ladies and Gentlemen, and Spanish company Apparatu too.

You can contact Gudy Herder through her website Eclectic Trends.

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