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Charlotte Crosland

Charlotte Crosland

Charlotte Crosland is an interior designer that inspires me. Each project is tackled in a new way that’s unique to the project in hand. I love this description from Charlotte’s website:

Her schemes are full of strong, brave touches: hallways covered in boldly patterned wallpapers and punchy accessories, bathrooms gleaming with luxurious marbles and opulent lighting, sitting rooms sumptuous with richly textured cushions and graphic rugs, jet-black kitchens dazzling with checkered linoleum floors… all of these disparate elements fusing to exude Charlotte’s decorative signature, which is an aesthetic of effortless, comfortable grandeur.

“Comfortable grandeur” – isn’t that just fabulous! It’s a style that I associate myself with, perhaps I need to hire Charlotte, but before I do, here’s my interview.

Charlotte CroslandWhat is your design signature/style?

My signature style generally has a mix of contemporary with traditional. Depending on my brief, I tend to verge more towards contemporary but in order to add a feeling of warmth I add a touch of traditional, pattern or colour.

Charlotte CroslandWhat type of people do you love to work with as clients?

I love to work with people who get excited by design and involve themselves in the project. Particularly if it is their home that I am creating which is full of personal requests that sometimes takes a while for people to even realise they have.

It is important for me to have a good relationship with my client. The best clients are the ones who I can have a laugh with! The good ones generally last a long time because they neither ask me to do another project for them or continue with things in the initial project.

Charlotte CroslandCan you tell us about a particularly exciting/challenging project?

All my projects are exciting and some are more challenging than others but the most challenging is probably one I am presently completing. It has involved an extension with a curved glass roof. Something I had never done before, therefore complicated!

The curved glass roof sounds really exciting and unique, can you tell us a bit more about it?

I had already, in the past interior designed this property for the same client (featured in House & Garden Sept 2015) but then she sold her main home in the country to live in this one and decided she wanted to change it.  I suggested swapping the layout so the kitchen faced the garden with an extension as a dining room and this is how the glazed, curved glass roof came about.

My client had always loved the Musee de la Romantique in Le Jardin d’Hiver, Paris which has a curved glass roof so I based her new extension on this.  Because we had to do it with double glazed, Pilkington K solar glass it made it very difficult to match it exactly with the Musee de la Romantique which is single glazed. Plus we had to install electric blinds, so the whole structure of the framework had to be very different.

However, after a great deal of research we found a company to make the curved panels but they would not fit them, so my amazing joiner and his team plus my builder managed to instead.  Then we had a delay with Crittall which meant we had to make temporary perspex windows & door in order to get going with the rest of the works.  Now the Crittall windows are in and the decorating can start!

It is almost finished and looking good. Hopefully a happy client second time round!

Charlotte CroslandDoes your home reflect your professional style?

Sometimes. My home has a mix of contemporary with traditional but the finished look is different to the projects I have done because it is my home and everyone has their own look in the end.

If you had £10,000 to spend on a piece of furniture/accessory/art/decor item, what would it be and why?

Art – because i can generally get good looking pieces of furniture etc for less but art is more difficult.

Charlotte CroslandIf someone reading this was about to begin their own home redesign project, what would be your best advice to them?

Try not to rush it & think carefully about all your priorities. Don’t expect to complete the works within your initial budget or timing, always add to both or reduce the works to cost less & take less time, then you will not be unpleasantly surprised!

You can contact Charlotte through her website Charlotte Crosland Interiors.

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