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Interview with Brian Woulfe, founder of Designed by Woulfe

Interview with Brian Woulfe, founder of Designed by Woulfe

Brian Woulfe

Image credit: ROOZ Photography

Brian Woulfe founded his interior design firm, Designed by Woulfe, in 2008. A global designer who has worked in the UK, US, Asia and I know that he is currently completing a project in Spain, so you’ll often see images of him travelling on his Instagram account.

Brians work is new and fresh and his projects really appeal to my sense of style. We are going to be seeing a lot more of Brian and I can’t wait to see what his next project is going to be.

Do you have a signature look? If we had a line up of rooms from different designers, how would we know which one was your room?

It is so important to create spaces that are right for my clients, rather than maintaining a signature Designed by Woulfe aesthetic. This means adapting to different styles and tastes, and balancing these with my own personal standards. That said, in all my projects, I do like to mix contemporary and period pieces to create a space that is both playful and luxurious, incorporating art into all my schemes too. 

Design is a global business, do you have a particularly favourite country/region to work in and why?

There is something to be admired in every country and culture, and this surplus of influences has a real effect on my design schemes. I have developed an expansive list of suppliers through working in the global design arena, and always source pieces of furniture, fabrics or decorative pieces as locally as possible.

Image credit: ROOZ Photography

How do you judge the success of a project?

Like any designer, the success of a project is always determined through the client’s eyes. Their level of satisfaction and the smile on their face when a project is completed are usually my key indicators! I know a project has been a success when my clients are happy to refer me to their friends and are vocal about how pleased they are. 

Does your own home reflect your professional style?

I would say my home is a true reflection of my personal style. I am strongly drawn to art, sourcing and commissioning works to help create certain atmospheres in different rooms in my home. The art I hang is always definitive of some aspect of my personality. Because it’s my home, I’ve been able to be as adventurous as I wanted and this has allowed me to try out a mix of styles and finishes that I hadn’t used before. And if I do say so myself, I think it’s fabulous!

Image credit: ROOZ Photography

Do you have a guilty pleasure, can you share with us what that is?

Organisation and tidiness. I am veering on the side of obsession. My wardrobes are colour coded, my food cupboards are organised in height order and my bed linen definitely does not have any creases.

What’s next for your business?

This year is all about continuing the growth of Designed by Woulfe. Listed buildings, holiday villas and more overseas projects are all on the cards for 2018. I will be focusing on expanding my portfolio in the US too.

Visit Designed by Woulfe for more information.

Image credit: ROOZ Photography

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