Interview with Joanna Wood

Interview with Joanna Wood

Joanna Wood is one of the few interior designers who has become an icon in this sector, not only for her incredible global design aesthetic but also for the brand she has created over the years.

Joanna is notable for her use of craftsmen and furniture makers to achieve a bespoke interior for her clients, with a priority to create a place that is a home. Not only does she know the look and the ambience that she wants to achieve for her clients, but she also thinks through the practicalities of everyday life.

Do you have a signature look?

If we had a line up of rooms from different designers, how would we know which one was your room. As a design practice our policy is not to be ‘Brand Led’. We work hard NOT to have a signature look and like to feel we address each client’s wishes and requirements on an individual basis. I believe this keeps us fresh and in touch with all sorts of skill sets and styles. I can be doing restoration work in the morning, shabby chic at lunchtime and a contemporary penthouse in the afternoon!

Design is a global business, do you have a particularly favourite country/region to work in and why?

Now we have gone global we are very excited at the idea of travelling further to carry out contracts. No particular favourites, though year-round sun has a particular appeal! We currently have clients in France, Denmark, the United States and have contracts running in both the North and South of Ireland.

How do you judge the success of a project?

There is only one way to judge the success of a project – the pleasure and satisfaction of our client is the measure. We like to think we are enthusiastic and do all we can to make the process of designing a home a pleasure for our clients – it seems to work as a general rule, as we have clients who come back time and time again.

Does your own home reflect your professional style?

I have two houses: a Cotswold Manor house built in the 1720’s and a contemporary mews house that I have just designed and built. They are completely different in style and in decoration – so yes, in a way they reflect my professional style!

Do you have a guilty pleasure, can you share with us what that is?

Lots of guilty pleasures Grant …! I will admit to loving Georgian glass, beautiful lampshades, best quality bed linen and chocolate!

What’s next for your business/brand?

Next for my business is the exciting news that Andrew Buchanan has become a co-Director in Joanna Wood International, sharing management and responsibility with me. He has wonderful taste and is a true professional, a joy to work with. Also, we moved into our new contemporary Studio off Elizabeth Street, Belgravia a few months ago and this has given us a fresh outlook. It’s all good!

Joanna Wood Interiors.

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