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Interior Style Hunter Interviews Mike Ahern from Brit Decor


Mike Ahern from Brit Decor describes himself as a creative and this is immediately apparent when you visit his popular interiors blog, Brit Decor. Mike has an inspiring instagram channel and I love to see his new posts. He’s also pretty good at making up jokes and has a great sense of humour. With a fantastic eye for style and detail, Mike is definitely someone to keep your eye on.

I asked Mike to take part in my interior design interview series. I’m so glad he did as his answers are great and I’m sure will help you understand him more and learn a couple of new things about design.

What is your design signature/style?

I used to think that my signature style was purely chalky neutrals and ‘simple style living’. Although this still forms an underlying strand in my work today, I’ve been mixing things up a little by throwing dark and dramatic charcoal greys and blues into my colour palettes lately. Overall I like to keep an open mind and not limit myself to one set style – there are so many beautiful colours out there!

What type of people do you love to work with as clients?

Open minded clients are the best because they are prepared to think outside of the box and allow you show them just how good you really are as a designer. I also have a wicked sense of humour, so working with a like-minded client can make a project all the more fun. The really nice clients get a little ‘new room scheme’ gift.

Can you tell us about a particularly exciting/challenging project?

A converted Victorian chapel with double-height ceilings and two homeowners with completely contrasting likes/dislikes. Although it felt like a recipe for disaster during the initial consultation, it was a fantastic lesson in compromise and exploring ways in which to satisfy the needs of both clients without either feeling they had lost out.

In the end, both of the clients and myself were really chuffed with the final scheme delivered in bold blues and greens, which really awakened the living space. With some careful choices in furnishings & accessories, I was able to bring their favourite styles together. Happy household!

Does your home reflect your professional style?

To an extent yes, although it can at times become a bit of an interiors laboratory if I want to experiment in a new ‘look’ or colour combination. My home does tend to have more plant life than I might suggest to a client, as I’m currently indulging in the #ForeverFoliage movement!

What’s next for your business?

I think it’s always good to take a step back from time to time and assess where you are going, what can be improved and think about where you want to take yourself and your brand in the future. That’s where I’m currently at, but it’s all positive! However, one thing I definitely want to explore is some collaborative projects with other creatives – watch this space…

Which designers do you currently have your eye on?

I’ve been a huge admirer of Illustrator Lucie Sheridan for a couple of years and I’m currently swooning for her new Jungle prints and cushion. In terms of interior designers, I love the fun and laid back style and philosophy of Mr Jason Grant.

If someone reading this was about to begin their own home redesign project, what would be your best advice to them?

I always give the same advice on this topic – take your time! Don’t be afraid to exhaust the vast choice of paint samples, make use of resources like Pinterest to gather ideas together, and visit as many showrooms as possible – seeing furnishings and accessories in person is always better than online. Finally, think about what makes you ‘tick’ and what constitutes ‘home’ and try to incorporate these things into your decor, this way the final room scheme is far more likely to look like it belongs to you.

Thank you Mike, for a great interview. To get in touch with Mike, you can contact him at Brit Decor.

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