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J.L Coquet presents its capsule collection Lutèce designed by Achille Salvagni

J.L Coquet - Lutece

I would like to introduce you to two incredible forces of design. J.L Coquet and Achille Salvagni. If you follow my instagram you’ll have seen that I attended a dinner to celebrate the launch of J.L Coquet’s new collection Lutèce designed by Achille Salvagni.

Surrounded by design and art collectors, gallerists and creators, it was fascinating conversation about design and art; discussing which artists to collect and of course Damien Hirst’s new exhibition in Venice which certainly had some dividing thoughts. But we all agreed that the new Lutèce collection was elegant and chic. Exactly what you’d expect from J.L Coquet and Achille Salvagni. 

Inspired by the ancient civilisations of Rome and Lutetia, Salvagni has faithfully drawn on the timeless codes and creative essence of the original design of Hémisphère and reinvigorated it with his own distinctive signature style, re-contextualising it for a sophisticated, contemporary audience.

Achille Salvagni is a Roman architect who set up his architectural and interior design firm in 2002. His projects range from private residential to superyachts and have won him many awards. His Atelier based in Mayfair opened in 2015 and showcases his limited edition furniture and lighting. You absolutely need to pay this studio a visit. It’s design at its best and Achille’s pieces are acquired by the most discerning collectors. 

Achille Salvagni and J.L Coquet are a natural match as they both have purity of design, quality of material and the absolute highest level of craftsmanship at the core of their design philosophy. 

Established in 1824, J.L Coquet has been creating Limoge Porcelain of the purest kind. Their collaborations with contemporary designers bring their heritage and knowledge to the 21st century creating collections that are relevant to how we live our lives today. 

Collaborations at this level are exciting and after seeing the collection last night, I would highly recommend you take some time to explore it further. 

Links: J.L Coquet & Achille Salvagni

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