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Kicking off Design Season in Style

Holiday House London

I promise that I haven’t given up writing, I’ve just been building my little empire and getting things in order for the new design season. September is the start of the new design season and what a way to kick things off than with a seriously cool party?

We did exactly that (and that’s why I’m in the bath in the image above) with our kick off party for the Holiday House Design Showhouse. This fantastic project that I’ve been working on with the best team and the most incredible support from the design industry. The kick off party at Waterworks was an absolute hit. I’m sure you couldn’t have escaped it on social media.

I’m pretty involved in Design Week this year and am taking part in quite a few talks on Monday and Tuesday. So if you do see me, please pop by and say ‘hi’.

Lastly, but most importantly, my ever expanding team and I are moving into new offices on Wednesday next week – mid-design week – am I mad? Yes! But, we can’t wait to start sharing more of our office and Interior Style Hunter life with you on instagram. I’m also hiring at the moment, so do look out for that post coming up soon.

There is a lot of new content waiting for our brand new website which should be ready in just a few weeks. We can’t wait to share with you the new website¬†design and our incredible collaboration with the design team from AW&CO.

I do hope you make the most of all the great events next week and take time to reconnect with those in the industry. It’s a crazy week, but so much fun.

See you out and about. x

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