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Kickstart your Art Collection with Rise Art AND a Giveaway!

The passion of Ocean by Jinsheng You

Building an art collection is a daunting task. It’s easy to go out and buy pieces of art that we like or are attracted to, but actually building a collection where the pieces all feel like they work together and still express who you are is a challenge.

I was recently asked by Rise Art to create a collection that reflected my personal style. A collection that I might have in my home, and a collection that you could use to help you start your own.

Discover Your Style

Rise Art is an online Art marketplace. When you first land on their site you have the option of completing a questionnaire that cleverly determines what sort of art connoisseur you are. There are 8 simple questions to answer and the result is quite accurate. I landed up with the ‘Sophisticate’ profile and I did like the artwork that was suggested to me.

The key here is curation, a good art collection is the product of years and years of experience. Rise Art gives you the short cut. They have an expert panel of curators that personally select the artists that feature on the site. The same curators provide an advisory service should you want to talk to a curator for assistance with selecting a piece for you.

Turquoise by Andrew Kinmont

Turquoise by Andrew Kinmont

Try Before You Buy

Another feature of this service is the ability to rent a piece of art. Art is damn expensive and unless you have a good relationship with a gallery, you are not going to be able to try out your investment at home to see if the piece looks good. By being able to rent it, you can be a little more adventurous in your choice and try something a little bolder than you’re used to. I love services that enable us to expand our boundaries like this.

If you’re interested in art, then I would take a look at Rise Art and of course, do have a look at the collection I put together for them too.

I know by Tim Fowler

I know by Tim Fowler


The fantastic team at Rise Art are giving 3 of my readers a chance to win 3 months rental on a piece of art.

To enter you need to add your name and email address below

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T & C: Any rental value of up to £75 per month. Users will abide by the Rise Art standard contract terms for art rental. 

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