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KitchenAid launch their new Black Steel Range

Last week saw the launch of KitchenAid’s latest and maybe greatest new product range, the BlackSteel range of appliances.

The new Black Steel appliance range is a step in the right direction for this brand. Their products are truly luxurious and this range is proving to the market that they understand what the luxury consumer and designer is looking for. It is the sexiest and most design savvy of their appliances to date. Black Steel is ultimately a range of pure black stainless steel kitchen appliances including ovens, microwaves and fridges. The stainless steel is not coated to be black, but is inherently black, this is a first of its kind.

This range really pushes the design limits in the best way possible. Black is a bold colour but so current at the moment. We associate black with luxury and timelessness and that’s exactly what Black Steel is. These products make a design statement in any kitchen and will be the focal point of the room.

Gone are the days of white fridges trying to be hidden, this range should stand loud and proud within your kitchen and form part of the design concept. Each offers not only a professional performance but also the iconic design and artisan quality that you have become accustomed too. Making sure your kitchen is not only beautiful but enjoyed and if you have a passion for cooking and entertaining it will really come alive with this range.

At the launch last week one of the questions that came up most when looking at the BlackSteel range was, what about finger marks and smudges? Stainless steel and black surfaces can be known to mark quite easily, and in a kitchen with lots of greasy ingredients our appliances can look grubby in no time. KitchenAid have used innovative technology to lightly coat the stainless steel that will protect your appliances from finger marks and make it really easy to keep clean.

To complement the launch of Black Steel, KitchenAid have also created a limited edition Artisan Black Tie Mixer. This is the first monochromatic version of the iconic mixer and inspired by the 1937 redesign of the mixer. Only 200 of these will be sold in the UK from August this year.

This launch was celebrated in the KitchenAid London experience store at 98 Wigmore Street and included celebrity chefs doing cooking demonstrations as well as an amazing, creative array of black inspired food.

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