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The Leyla Uluhanli Collection

29th January 2016
Leyla Uluhanli Collection

Leyla Uluhanli Collection

Leyla Uluhanli Collection

I spotted the Leyla Uluhanli Collection at Maison Objet and took a few photos of the stand, one of which made it into the post I wrote about interior design trends at Maison Objet.  This evening, a PR contact of mine sent over these fabulous images, and I realised it was of the same stand that I had probably spent about half an hour exploring, so I’m thrilled to introduce you to the Leyla Uluhanli Collection.

The self titled collection by Leyla Uluhanli was debuted at Maison Objet Paris this year. Leyla was inspired by the concept of American art in the 1960’s.

It’s clear that these pieces are functional, comfortable and the craftsmanship is impeccable. It would be easy to fit one or more of these pieces into an existing interior, which I quite like the idea of, they work really well together too and make for a solid collection. Great work for a debut collection and first time exhibitors to Maison Objet.

“The popularity of this style is in its simplicity and courtliness of the forms, lines. In its conciseness, and partly in the light feeling of nostalgia it provokes, it is certainly luxury and absolutely universal” – Leyla Uluhanli.

The full Leyla Uluhanli Collection consists of armchairs, sofas, consoles, commodes and lighting. Featuring materials such as antique brass, crystal rock and sycamore veneer (a personal favourite!).

Leyla Uluhanli Collection

Leyla is an interior designer, born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and studied design in London and Moscow. She set up her interior design studio Leyla Uluhanli Interiors in 2005 and has showcased projects in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Baku, Lisbon, Dubai and London.

Leyla Uluhanli Collection

For more information about the Leyla Uluhanli Collection you can contact Leyla Uluhanli Interiors.

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  • John French

    Very nice indeed. Futuristic classicism with strong, bold, clean lines. I like.