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LINLEY – Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas

5th December 2015

LINLEY is another iconic British brand featuring in these 12 days of Christmas. Back in July, I went to LINLEY’s Christmas in July event and I wrote about their full collection here. Today’s post is just an edit of the longer one with my favourite pieces.

LINLEY Christmas in July 2015 Great Fire of London Matchbox

Above is the Great Fire matchbox sleeve, I do like the humour in these products. The craftmanship here is second to none.

Below is the vide poche, every gent should have one of these to drop your keys and watch into every evening.  I use mine every day, and it helps to find things when you’re dashing out in a rush!

LINLEY Christmas in July 2015 Ebury Vide Poche

A stylish cufflink box with LINLEY’s trademark marquetry featuring bow-ties and bowler hats on the lid.

LINLEY Christmas in July 2015 Gentlemans Motif Cufflink Box

Here’s a lovely gift to pass onto some of the younger members of the family – Saving for a rainy day money box.
LINLEY Christmas in July 2015 Rainy Day Money Box

All items available at LINLEY.

Header image credit: Photographed by Sarah Hogan

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