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Luxury and Personality, with Jane Rockett of Rockett St George

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Welcome back to another episode of the Interior Style Hunter Podcast! Today we are so lucky to have Jane Rockett on the show! The company is an online store for luxury and quirky homeware that has been running for the last ten years since Jane and her partner Lucy founded it.
Rockett St George
In our conversation we cover the genesis of Rockett St George and what Jane had in mind when they started out. We then go on to cover questions of aesthetics, patterns and Jane shares some exciting news about their new line of paints! As an experienced and open hearted designer, Jane has so much wisdom to offer and she gladly opens up about fearlessness, progression and originality, all inspiring perspectives. We finish off our conversation looking to the future of design, online shopping and Rockett St George, which by all accounts looking blindingly bright! Tune in for all of this and more! Key Points From This Episode:
  • How it started ten years ago.
  • Initial goals and standing out from the crowd from the get go.
  • Affordable luxury and defining the common thread of aesthetic at Rockett St George.
  • A new line of paints.
  • The use of leopard and python skin prints for furniture.
  • Getting over the fear of failure and the bravery to try.
  • External mimicry and using it as a means to inspire more originality.
  • The great relationship between Jane and Lucy that is the foundation of the business.
  • Where Jane gets her best ideas.
  • The growth of Rockett St George and how it has occurred organically.
  • The best business decision Jane has ever made.
  • Why you should employ people who do their jobs better than you can.
  • Looking forward to the future.
  • A round of quick-fire questions with Jane.
  • And much more!
Rockett St George
Tweetables: “When we started there weren’t smart phones, so magazines and newspapers were the only place to go for inspiration.”  [0:03:35.7] “Employ people who have expertise in their role.”  [0:26:00.2] “If you get the key people in place it means that you can step back and spend your time being creative and growing your business.”  [0:27:33.9] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
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