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Luxury electrical accessories by Focus SB

Luxury electrical accessories by Focus SB

luxury electrical accessories

If there is one thing that I have learned in the past year writing about luxury interior design it’s that a luxury space is built up from layer upon layer of meticulous planning, exact and bespoke products and that every detail on every layer has been carefully considered and thought about in relation to the entire space. It’s a mammoth task and the reason why you hire an interior designer.

Similarly, businesses who produce products for the luxury interior design market need to think about where their product fits and how to make their product flexible enough to appeal to a range of styles. This is especially true of luxury electrical accessories and finishes.

From a designers perspective; when your client first enters a newly designed space, you don’t want them to notice the switches & sockets immediately. You want them to experience the scheme as a whole, which means that the finishes need to match the quality of the design and fit seamlessly into the scheme.

Focus SB® is a company that produces such finishes, their clear switch plates are designed to fit seamlessly into an interior. Taking the emphasis away from the plate, but still enabling you to have the function of the plate. Named the Prism range, for obvious reasons, these plates work well on wallpaper and other surfaces where you don’t want the switch plate to interrupt the pattern of the surface.

luxury electrical accessories
Focus SB Prism clear acrylic screwless plate with polished chrome dolly switch.

Also very popular at the moment are brushed finishes, this is of course in line with current interior trends, glossy metals are currently less popular for hardware finishes and the more subtle matt or brushed finishes are now gaining popularity.

Focus SB
Focus SB Horizon satin stainless steel integrated USB socket with black interiors.

I travel a lot and it’s often in new hotels that you get to see new products showcased. Over the last few years, USB sockets have been increasingly becoming the standard on switch plates in hotels. Newer homes are having these installed too. Almost all devices now get charged through a USB so it makes sense that these are being built into our homes. Focus SB has a range of USB socket outlets, but theirs is unique in that you can charge more than 1 device at a time. Promising a fast charge rate as amperage is not shared between devices. An important point worth noting for when you are next specifying this type of product.

As mentioned above, it’s little details like that that are unknown to the ultimate client, but have a direct benefit on their lifestyle. This attention to detail is exactly what designers and architects are looking for!

For more information about Focus SB you can visit their website, they also have a range of Featured Projects to explore, including Hampton Court Palace and a fabulous Mayfair residence.

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